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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  May 20, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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your nonsense. that us did it for "the cycle." "now with alex wagner" starts now. the d.c. insider is king in the bluegrass state. it's tuesday, may 20th and this is "now." the marquee battle is in kentucky. >> mitch mcconnell and mabeavan. >> this has been a big mid term matchup. the most critical day of this season. >> mitch mcconnell has never had a positive agenda about anything. it's always block whatever he can. >> nothing is for sure in politics but it looks like mitch mcconnell will win. >> criminal of the u.s. senate is what's on the line in 2014. >> where did beavan supporters
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go. >> they say they'll cross party lines and vote democrat. >> they're in a virtual dead heat. >> kentucky has never had a woman in the u.s. senate. >> this is the toughest mcconnell has been challenged. it's primary day in america but for senate leader mitch mcconnell today's drama is less about whether he'll be the tea party challenger matt beavan but instead how much. dire warnings that mcconnell was fighting for his political life but today if talk of the mcconnell challenge that wasn't. the five dark term senator is poised to dispatch beavan his most serious challenger in 30 years and do so with relative ease. a testament to the navigational skills of one of dcs most political operative. >> he's not comfort but he pretends every six years. people will turn out who are weary of the mitch mcconnell of 30 years. there's a mcconnell fatigue
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natural be thrown off i believe, in this race and time will tell. >> beavan's bevin's charges never stug. he wore his decades in congress as a badge of honor. >> it's a new face. but a new face for what? a new face for the status kuo. if you want to change america, you need to change the majority leader and change the majority in the senate. i have the second best seat in the senate and with your help i'll have the first best senate seat. >> if you listen to "time" magazine, the veteran operator conquered the kentucky tea party thanks to his key position the hiring of rand paul's campaign manager to support the tea party crowd and the method cal resej on bevin and his allies. were the steps right? there was mcconnell's charge in the senate against obama care and the rifle he waved around on
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stage at this year's see cpac conference and the cosponsorship to prevent the irs from getting raises. and the pictures that look, you don't win by shrinking into a shell. mcconnell built the modern kentucky republican party and the state gop headquarters is even named for him. he waited less than 24 hours after bevin announced his candidacy to hit him can a six tv-buy. and a $5 million assault from mitch's allies in the state begins tomorrow. this is the governor of kentucky, governor basheer.
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>> i think he'll be beaten but he'll win. the interesting thing is, that about 39% of the bevin voters indicated in a recent poll they would vote for mckwon nell and 25% said they'll kraut lines and vote against him. with the race between aallison grimes and mcconnell, dead heat. it's been that way for a year even though millions of dollars have been comment on mcconnell bashing her. if you have any significant amount of those bevin voters that cross over and vote or just stay home, that could be the difference in this race in the fall. >> governor, i'd like to get your thoughts on the state of the kentucky gop as it and the. on the one hand there's a divide. but at the same time, mitch mcconnell is going to win and
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that's the general prediction in all corners and he did it not really -- i meaning, through any sort of substantive way. he waived rifles around and opinion is sored legislation that would go nowhere and that seemed to be enough to convince the republican party in your staert. >> well, alex, quite honestly, i have a difficult enough time trying to understand politics but this is a fellow that's been up there for 30 years. not very many people like him. even among republicans they don't like him. but they do like the experience. they think that means something for the state. and so the majority of the republicans are going to end up voting for him again. but when you have a race as close is this race is in the fall and you have a significant amount of republicans that are either not going to vote for mcconnell in the fall or cross lines and vote for the democrat, you have a real horse race.
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>> let me ask you, governor, in terms of rand paul, a lot of mcconnell's strengths today, people yet to his alignment with rand paul and the fact he brought over jesse benton, one of his accolades if you will. how important is he to kentucky voters, senator paul? >> senator paul right now, is kind of a pop hero because he's out trying to run for president and that will help mcconnell a little bit in kiekentucky and t trying to legitimize senator mcconnell in the eyes of the right wing that senator paul is the darling of. so they're joining together to help senator mcconnell's son. you have enough of those bevin voters that haven't bought that at all and i'm not sure they're going to buy it in. >> what would your advice be to
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allison. i know mitch mcconnell will leave no stone unturned. the air assault begins tomorrow. he'll spend every dollar in his war chest to beat her. what advice would you give her today? >> first of all, alex, for a year now, they've been pounding on allison grimes and running the typical campaign of obama, obama, pelosi, harry reid, you know, that kind of campaign here in quikentucky, it has not chan the numbers one percentage point which is one of the most interesting facts that we have in front of us. you're right. they're going to start in tomorrow and do exactly the same thing and it will be interesting to see whether they can make any difference in those numbers by november. she's done what she needs to do and she's kept her head down and getting involved and engages in i campaign and she's been raising money and sheem have to have nch money and she'll have
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enough money to get her story out in the fall. and you've got such a negative feeling against senator mcconnell in the state now that it's going to be interesting to see if he can make people dislike her more than they dislike him and that's obviously his strategy. >> kentucky governor, steve bashir, thank you so much for your time. this is "new york" magazine jonathan seay. always a pleasure to have you on. you wrote a piece on mcconnell. how mitch mcconnell hacked american politics and i wonder, as we're on the eve of yet, another mitch mcconnell victory and a primary victory not general legs. whether or not you think the fact that he'll no longer have to contend with matt bevin will change the way mitch mcconnell behaves in the u.s. senate? >> i don't. he started this strategy at the outset of the obama presidency and this was his strategy how to regain power. he was confessing his scheme to
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reporters, you know, without hiding it. saying that, look, if we help obama pass legislation, people will think the problem has been solved and the people are happy and they'll support obama and it will be bad for us and good for him and he was right. if first major leader to come to the conclusion by partisanship and that was way before anyone heard of matt bevin. >> i wonder why mcconnell is thought of as the moderate, the guy that likes the establishment and he still has friends in the upper chamber and maybe friendship is a shorthand for cooperation. in fact, it's not. and i guess i wonder -- you know, it's the end of buy
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partisanship. and he's been moving right far a long, long time or many, many yourself. and a lot of these tea party versus establishment fights have nothing to do with ideology and they have hardly anything to do with any real sense of by partisanship. and they don't have any real sense of why it should be done but they're angry at the people in power so mcconnell has done everything he can. >> jonathan, what do you think and we asked governor bashir what advice he would give to allison grimes and it seemed to be, basically, get your war chest ready because mitch mcconnell is going to throw every dollar he has today. they said democrats are going to try to drive a wedge between mcconnell and female voters by
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highlighting his opposition to the paycheck fairness act. allison grimes is obviously a woman and do you think that's a potent line 06 attack? >> it might be. it's going to be a tough race for her. she's roughly tied in the polls and has been for a while but like you said in the previous segment a lot of his base have peeled off. can grimes really hold on to those arch right wing voters in november or are they going to get over their anger with mcconnell? i think it's more lineally they come back team republican and provide him with his winning margin. i don't think he's completely out of the woods but once he gets through the primary his numbers will probably stat to everyone up a little bit. >> like you really got to keep the tea party year-over-years in kentucky a-- tea partiers in bu it's not impossible to win but
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if she's not significantly in the lead it's hard to find the votes to stretch that lead once mcconnell gets past the primary. >> jonathan chait. thanks. >> thanks, allison. how hot will the tea be come? sam stein and jess mcintosh of "emily's list" take the gop's temperature. that's next on "now." that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable grandpa! way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber
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as republicans take republicans this center stage, kentucky draws the most attention and there's plenty to watch in the battles outside of the bluegrass state. in georgia, a volatile race has seven republicans vying to make it into the top two spots for a
1:16 pm
predicted runoff in the july. the frontrunner businessman david purdue is faces his biggest challenge from paul browne, but from sarah palin, former secretary of state, and chamber favorite congressman jack kingston. asked about divisions in the party, kingston did some ace political parsing earlier today on "the daily run dunn." >> it's a lively dynamic conservative family if you will and it's hard to pin down the whole electorate in a few labels. we're here, there and everywhere but i think so is the party right now. >> the staunchest tea party challengers are expected to lose in races here, there and also everywhere today. from georgia to idaho to kentucky to pennsylvania, house speaker john boehner suggests that they take heart because even if the fringe right wing may be losing at the ballot box a tea party has won the war of
1:17 pm
ideas. >> listen, they're not that much -- they're not that big a difference between what you call the tea party and your average conservative republican. >> not that big a difference anymore. joining me now is political editor and white house correspondent at the huffington post, 1578stein and communication's director for "emily's list" jess mcintosh. sam i want to get into a broad, theological discussion about the republican party. meaningfully, has the tea party not won the war of ideas? given how far right republican candidates must go and even republican legislatures must go these days? >> it's tough to say. i argue they had a pronounced effect on the republican party and that's across the board on social issues.
1:18 pm
the abrupt turn that we had ultimately resulting in sequestration and it was clear by an effect of the tea party movement and that's continued to this day where if you look at paul ryan's budget that he's introduced they have gone progressive ily more fiscally conservative and a bunch of people don't think they go far enough so i think that the tea party movement has, in some ways called the republican party but there's obviously caveats and differences here and there. >> i need an argument the tea party hadn't wholly swallowed the gop like a snake does a chicken's egg -- i don't know that much about animals -- but the harvard professor in "the new york times" was asked, what does the tea party mean to the gop and she point out that tea party forces have won the war. all the republicans running for the senate this year have gotten hard line policy positions and if you measure legislative votes and policy stands, republican moderates don't exist anymore
1:19 pm
apart from senator susan collins. she's literally the last man standing on the. on social issues the tea party's influence is as evidenced as anything else. >> i think you're absolutely right. i think the establishment republicans couldn't beat the tea party. they knew they couldn't beat them. and so they simply became them and i think the georgia race is a perfect example of this. a year ago when we at "emily's listing" supported michelle nunn for a long time and when i talked about the cast of characters runs in the republican primary and the moderate i was talking to would go -- what about jakingston? what happened during the primary is jack kingston has moved so far to the right he came out and said that poor kids ought to sweep the floor before they get their free school lunch so they learn there's no such thing as a free lnch. the moderates have had to move
1:20 pm
or have wanted to move all along or whatever it is, they are now so far to the right that there's no way to get farther to the right. and georgia doesn't end tonight. we just figure out he's in a runoff tonight. they'll spent another couple of months to figure out where on the right they can position themselves farthest. >> remember when -- i should make tee-shirts -- the etch a sketch moment. mitt romney said this horrible thing and that's what republican candidates who moved to the right are hoping to do. look no further than north carolina where you have someone like tom tillis responsible for all the craziest if right wing legislation in the north carolina legislator and now he
1:21 pm
has to pretend to be moderate. is the etch a sketch on sale at the gop toys store? >> i'm old enough to remember the etch a sketch moment. you asked me if i remembered it so i wanted you to know that i do. and secondly, this is sort of tried and true of everyone who runs in a primary. they go and talk to their base and then they have to go back to the middle remember whether the general election comes on but the problem is there's a bunch of issues they have no compromise movement on. like obama care. they can't turn around after whaling on obama care saying that maybe the medicated expansion stuff are worth keeping nor do i expect them to. on wlooirng increasing the debt let, what they've taken resolute stands it will be very hard for them to do have the etch a sketch moment and convince them that everything they said in the primary campaign doesn't -- >> i want to talk to you a little bit about women in this race. the republicans have not shied
1:22 pm
away from legislating -- passing the legislation r5rding the their rights and paychecks and bodies. but you guys have been particularly active in pennsylvania where there are two prom nept women who are in tough positions. marchry margolies and allison schwartz. >> she's a congressman from pennsylvania running for governor. if you have viewers in pennsylvania who want to elect a champion for women in families, they need to get out and vote for her right now for governor. it is an uphill climb for women seeking executive seats. especially in the northeast. but we're starting to -- we're machine politics have sort of reigned there was a great jonathan martin piece in "the new york times" a couple days ago about this. we're starting to make serious inroads. allison schwartz is a viable contender for governor. martha coakley in massachusetts. the ceilings are starting to breaks. but allison is just an amazing
1:23 pm
woman who has done so much to bring women up behind her. she used to run the democratic congressional committee recruitment for other women and she's been a champion for women throughout the entirety of her career and we'd love to see her take that all the way to the top job of the state, for sure. in the race to fill her seat are a couple of women running. valerie arcouche blings a nontraditional bio to the house and marchry margolies, she took a brave vote in favor of the clinton government, a couple of men are running and one is anti-choice and has quite a mixed record on that and saying one thing and voting another. so we're hoping that a lchl lyson schwartz's seats can be filled by someone that shares her beliefs,s are. >> it will be interesting.
1:24 pm
ahead, benghazi. >> nancy pelosi met with speaker john boehner to discuss the latest gop's conspiracy shetheo. that's next. helps moms stay on track with their doctors to get the right care and guidance. (anncr vo) that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. take the next step. talk to your doctor. this is humira at work. today i can announce that he will plead guilty to criminal charges related to this pervasive illegal activity. this is the largest bank to plead guilty in 20 years. this case shows that no financial institution, no matter its size or global reach, is above the law. >> that was attorney general eric holder yesterday announcing a successful end to the justice department's five-year investigations of this swiss bank credsoutheast on charges ox
1:28 pm
evasion. they pled guilty. it will now pay $2.6 billion in penalties including a $1.8 billion payment to the justice department. $715 million to the new york department of financial services and $100 million to the federal reserve. five lower-level employees will be terminated for their involvement in the tax scheme but the deal is a deal that's being praised for some by demonstrating that banks aren't immune to criminal charges and the deal is equally notable for what it didn't do. in essence, it was a fairly generous offer from the federal government and the bank will not lose its license to do business in the u.s. and the to be executives will stay at their jobs and the bank is not required to hang over the names of the now is of american clients who dodge taxes. to give you a sense of how big a problem this kind of shadow banking is, two years ago, $150 billion in taxes we want unpaid
1:29 pm
to the federal government because of tax havens look b like these. there's a lot of talk about the end of two big to jail. the problem with this debate is that while they pled guilty, no one went to jail or seems headed there any time soon. coming up, today, governor chris christie, once again, tries to he's a smart fiscal conservative by announcing plans to dig out of his $800 million budget hole. we're joined just ahead. ♪
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when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. you have to have a balanced by jet. that's the law. can you do that in. >> yes. >> how? >> i'll tell you next week. next week i'll answer what we're going to do. >> for all the attention to the bridgegate scandal. the infamous george washington bridge lane closures are no
1:33 pm
longer the biggest controversy with chris christie and his administration. that honor belonged to the $800 million budget shortfall the governor left the state with only two months before the fiscal year ends in july. this afternoon, governor christie finally revealed who is going to pay for the massive budget gap. >> one of the places we have to move is pension and health benefit spending. income taxes being raised in any way, shape or formula not happen while i'm governor. >> so, just to be clear, who's going to pay? working in middle class state employeetion. who has not going to pay? rich new jersey top. the governor's proposal is could well trigger lawsuits and result in further down grades of the state's credit rating that has been downgraded six times in christie's watch.
1:34 pm
but this hospital brought an end to the his questions of his administration's handling of the problem. the former mayor, a man named matt mowers testified before the state's superzmoom i was not involved nor did i have any prior knowledge of the decision to realign the lanes on the george washington bridge last september. >> joining me is staff writer and investigative reporter, david seroda. with that last minute touchup, my friend -- >> thanks for having me. >> david, i i want to start with the budget numbers. if there's, maybe, malfeasance of all kinds in the christie administration. but he said, i won't kick the can down the road. the buck stops with me. you can literally hear the can actually being kicked down the road. it's tinny sides bouncing against the concrete.
1:35 pm
he's quite obviously, quite, you know, in a textbook fashion, kicking the can down the road and delays funding so the budget gap doesn't look so bad? >> and we need to kanekoa texeiraalize the budget choices that are being made here. chris christie has proposed the largest amount of corporate subsidies in new jersey history, according to the "new york times." many of these subsidies are going to his biggest campaign contributors so when christie says -- we don't have money to deal with the pension system. we don't have money left to deal with the required pension payments, that we promised as a state. he said that the corporate subsidies oorm ghifing to my campaign donors need to take precedents of the pension payments. he's choicing his campaign donors before and really prioritizing them over state workers. >> but, he was so -- i mean,
1:36 pm
transapparently shameless, david. beyond just the sort of -- the classism behind it. the credit rating thing. six times, the state has been downgraded. if you look at republicans who maybe are not so sympathetic to state pension, if he thinks he's going to win over wall street, this could be a real issue for him? >> i would agree. it speaks to the idea of fiscal management. it speaks to the idea of who comes first. and i think that the credit downgrades are really an alarm bell to both the christie administration and, also, to other governors across the country. if you don't make your required mention payments, you're simply pushing problems off to future generations and really, calling it future generations may be generous, a couple of years from now may create bigger problems
1:37 pm
in terms of interest payments. ultimately these payments are going to need to be made. >> and the other big economic sort of poll that republicans always dance around which is job creation. christie's day is tied the mississippi, 48th in the nation in terms of job creation. look at who new york has done. covered 122% of the jobs lost during the great recession. i think new jersey is somewhere in the 20s or 30s in terms of that percentage. why is it so bad? is this the final indictment of republican fiscal policy? here's the guy that's supposed to be the savior that's rubbing for highest office in the land in 2016 and none of his fiscal policies have worked. the pension issue is a microcosm of that. when you decide to spend $200 plus million on a subsidy to the prudential office tower which he
1:38 pm
did. that tells us that's not a great way to create job. maybe it enriches your campaign donors or an insurance company, but not a grit way to create jobs and you don't nund the mention payments a great way to stimulate your local economy is to make sure mentioners have the money they need to subcysexist. the kind of pension payment spent untilally in a community and quickly so when an administration prioritizes corporate welfare that's unproven to create that and prioritizes that over things like pensions that we know sustain jobs you'll end up with a not a great economic record. >> stillive measures which seem to be completely lost on certain conservatives. i would be remiss if i didn't ask you about the latest in the bridgegate scandal. the testimony continues. today, there are so many characters have i lost my
1:39 pm
pronunciation key. matt mowers testified today that the day after he informedbly jet kelly, christie's office, ta mayor of fort lee, where there were some traffic problem, the day before all that happened, he told christi's office that he would not endorse the governor in his re-election bid. it seems to be too convenient to be pure happenstance at this point. >> i agree. the thing that's come out of this is where were the questions being asked mt. the christi administration. the thread seemtion to be that questions could have been asked and due diligence could have been done but they were not asked and doouf diligence wasn't done. there was a -- i've heard the term, willful ignorance. the idea of plausible deniability.
1:40 pm
the question will ultimately be whether plausible deniability is, one, is it plausible and is that a defense? is it enough of a defense for a governor to say, look, i didn't ask questions and i probably didn't want to mo the answers to questions and therefore, i have no responsibility. that's a question the public will have to answer and legislature will have to answer. >> and one is the legislature court and the court of opinion and that's governored by different laws. david, always great to see you, my friend. >> thanks for having me, alex. coming up, at the movies nothing better than popcorn and a couple of cokes. specifically, charles and david coke. the tals just ahead. detoday details just ahead. in retiremenl you outlive your money? uhhh.
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congressman daryll eisen may be feeling left out skmoo and david corn joins me next but first, hampton pearson has the cnbc market wrap. >> hi, alex. the dow closing down 137 points with the s&p shedding 12 and the nasdaq giving up 28 points. that's it from cnb kr6789, first in business worldwide. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste.
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grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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grandpa! > benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, at issue?
1:48 pm
whether pelosi will allow the democrats to participate. since this was announced pelosi and john boehner have gone back and forth over the conditions on the committee and what has subpoena power and how many democrats will have seats on it? no word on whether today eats meeting resolves those issues in the house but when asked, speaker boehner's response was quintessentially, inconclusive. it was fine. when leaving the meeting leader pelosi reportedly said we've always been trying to get something done. and benghazi was on the agenda many the upper chamber. barbara boxer gave a full-throated rejection of a senate select committee and provided pretty damning evidence and an awesome chart re2350u9ing the notion that, yet welcome another investigation is needed into benghazi, something senator boxer called a "witch hunt." >> had nine houses senate committee investigations on benghazi. we've had 17 hearings conducted.
1:49 pm
we've had 55 -- five zero, briefings held. 25 interviews conducted. eight subpoenas issued. 25,000 pages of documents reviewed. 25,000 pages of documents reviewed. and six reports released. you look at this chart and you realize, this is unpress departmented. >> unprecedented? but far from the only witch hunt on capitol hill. congressman darryl eisen may be out. he may try to make himself relevant. he wants more documents. nothing says staying power like a career felled with meaningless subpoenas and a strange obsession with the e-mails 06
1:50 pm
former mid level government employee. this is the bureau k450e6 for mother jones, david cornyn. always good to see you especially when we get to talk about daryll isa. $14 million, 97,000 man hours spent on this scandal. is this a cry for help? has he become a liability in the gop at this point? >> it's like heaven's gate of congressional investigates and those of you that don't get that can eyes google to figure it out. the problem is, things like what happened, the irs deserve responsible, thorough, investigation. as we've seen with benghazi, fast and fewer rouse and other matters, he's not the one to do these things. and we have selective leaks and
1:51 pm
other information and a string of corrections every time he makes an assertion about either the irs scandal or the benghazi case and so, i feel like it's a waste of time and resources to let him do this unless he's going to be able to sort of turn a page and act more reasonably what everybody else has learned from the documents released that this was not a house plot with aimed other getting rid of the tea party which mitch mcconnell might have liked but nevertheless, when thing went wrong they were targeting progressive groups and groups with words like "emerge" in their title in the group name. and so it's not the hunt, the partisan hunt that he seems to be -- >> there's another lakeside conversation to be had about the similar buy yie symbiotics of partnership. this latest round of subpoenas are targeting.
1:52 pm
doj and this guy led the charge to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. these are like these singular migs that he has at a time when the gop and specifically speaker boehner and the house select committee on benghazi is doing everything they can to prove that no really, america. this is a serious republican investigation and that's why i think the very existence of daryll ichltd sa is a bad thing. >> it's highly problematic. why are we having benghazi select committee from the republicans and the house? because the previous investigations, they say, haven't done what they needed to do. who was the main person on that? so by the republican's own standards, this is not a fellow who can be trusted with a serious important matter to investigate. when he goes out there and starts shooting out more subpoenas, you almost want to laugh. even his own party, in a way,
1:53 pm
has tremendously rebuked him. and has given him a thumb's down. >> david, let's talk about the house select committee for a moment. >> if we must. >> leader pelosi and speaker boehner met today. it is a question mark as to how and in what -- whether and in what capacity democrats will participate in this. who do you think in those negotiations, which, gosh, if we could only be flies on the wall in that room. in the negotiations between those two folk, who has the upper hand? >> i think it's pretty evenly matched. i think the republicans would note praert not have a republican-only committee but i think they would be willing to go along with that and say if the house democrats are part of the cover-up, remember, the audience fought for this is note moderate voters who tended to dislike this sort of partisan investigative zeal. it's their own base. if they do investigation and the democrats don't come along,
1:54 pm
their base is going to say, cool. this is fabulous. who needs them? we don't need elijah cummings. we're better off without him so it doesn't hurt the republicans if they go ahead without the democrats. i won't contradict myself. initially i said a 50/50 call, the democrats need to have somebody there watching them to counter it so they don't have a complete echo chamber of their own. it's a close call for nancy pelosi. >> david corn, i love when you channel the mind of a republican base voter. always good television. david corn from mother jones, thank you. after the break, republicans may have off code problem. i said it. now, apparently, so do democration. the latest controversy on capitol hill is coming up next. we're moving our company to new york state.
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apparently, even a simple congressional press conference is not free from the coke brother's influence. democrats including house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate majority leader harry reid were scheduled to hold a q and a following the screening of the movie but it didn't set well with candace miller who wrote the screening may cross into partisan politics and cited rues that prohibit political rallies or fundraisers in the capitol. a few problems with miller's complaint. the event is neither a political rally nor is it a fundraiser and as pelosi's spokesman noted the rules are note governored by these rules miller cited but the real problem with congressman miller's concern with political
1:59 pm
rallies and fundraisers taking place under the capitol dome, the real problem is those are precisely the two things her own party has been engaging in for years. take, for example, senator ted cruz, who's faux filibuster ahead of the government shut dourn was a great big fundraiser for the lone star's lone star to the tune of over $1 million, according to the "dallas morning news." or take the house select committee on benghazi. another gigantic fundraiser for the gop and one that the party's campaign arm made no secret about exploiting. if you want a political rally how about repeal of the nation's health care law. perhaps no better or more obvious example of a group of people demonstrating on behalf of a specifically partisan cause. unfortunately, for the american people, republican oversight of the rules regarding congressional conference rooms seems to be a lot stricter than the party's oversight of its own
2:00 pm
caucus. that's all for now. see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eerp. "the ed show." is up next. good evening, americans and welcome to the "the ed show." i'm ready to go live from new york. let's get to work. we're considering additional kinds of tax breaks for wealthy corporations. but do we hear from the other side? >> there's a place where that idea's co-exist and has a reality and i've been there. ♪ portland, you're so beautiful ♪ portland? >> a city no longer invest in walmart. >> because of the company's controversial business and labor practices. >> it says to walmart, we'd like you to change your practices. >> many walmart employees have to depend on public assistance because their salaries are so low. >> walmart calls it is proof of its efforts


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